Monday, May 30

Lonely Blog

Poor abandoned blog, how I loved you so. Perhaps I will love you again some day...

Thursday, July 1

Friday, May 28

iPad + Humor = Truth

I kind of want to try this. Kind of...

(Thanks Jims!)

Saturday, May 15

Future Week

This week was all about The Future. It started off on Monday when my sweet sweet iPad arrived. By Tuesday I had it all loaded up with apps and ready to rock, and by Wednesday I’d effectively replaced my trusty clipboard with my new handheld window into the digital world. It is fully integrated into my workflow and I am loving it.

Today we topped off my week of Future Living with a trip to the JPL’s Open House. At first we were scared of the Disney-Land-Length lines at pretty much every exhibit, but after taking a tour of the extensive NASA campus we dove right in.

We warmed up with a video that gave us a bit of history about the Jet Propulsion Lab, then we moved on to learn about planets, moons and the satellites that study them. We also got to talk to a bunch of super smart people. One was an engineer, another a self described “lowly” programmer and one dude who was a chemical biologist who worked with lasers. Or something. The part about Lasers is definitely true.

We got to see all sorts of cool space-related things like rovers:

And Big Robots:

And Small Robots:

And Laboratories:

And tons of Loopy Signs:

And, of course:

The highlight of the day came at the end, and required the longest wait. After an hourish in the hot hot Pasadena sunshine we got to check out the clean room where the next Mars Rover was being assembled. Its set to launch from Cape Canaveral in November 2011.

Clean Rooms are cool.

Thursday, May 6

Good & Bad

The Good: My iPad has shipped! Huzzah!

The Bad: It won't be here until the middle of next week. Boo.

The Other Bad: I'm still at work. Boo Urns.

Tuesday, April 27

More Bullets

Still busy – more bullets!

Blokus has finally come out on the iPhone. Sadly its $4.99, but I bought it anyway. There is some online play, but I haven’t time to F around with it much yet.

• Keri’s computer has been acting up of late. I had the day off today, so I hit up the genius bar to get some advice. As feared, her hard drive was on a downward spiral toward failure and needed to be replaced. Turns out this could be a DIY project – nice! After a few hours making a bootable backup with Super Duper!, I hit up Fry’s and bought a remarkably inexpensive replacement drive (640 gigs!). After a few screwdriver turns (and another few hours of data transfer) her computer was as good as new (and bigger than ever).

• Today we had some folks come by the house to give us quotes on various things. One dude is going to remove the frame of our carport and do some stucco patching. Another dude might paint our house, and yet another dude will likely inject poison into the earth to kill off the subterranean termites that are have apparently been living there for years. Yup, home ownership is awesome.

• Last week I had to go to NYC for work. It was a super short trip filled with in flight Wifi, tons of pizza and some good old Dunkin’ Donuts. One morning I walked over to the 5th Ave Apple Store and got my first up close and personal visit with an iPad. The interaction was brief, but left a lasting impression. I had big plans to hold out until the next generation, but shortly after my NY encounter I pre-ordered the mid level 3G model. It ships by May 7th. Yum! Now I just have to find the perfect case for it...

Saturday, April 17

Flying Internets

I'm on a plane right now right here:

Sweet sweet in-flight wifi. Thanks Virgin!

Thursday, March 25

Sunday, March 21

More Stuff

Bullets are my current way of life. So it goes.

• Work is about to get crazy-pants. I say “about to get,” but really I mean “has been.” We haven’t officially started filming, but have already been shooting for two weeks, including a last minute, all cast, multi-crew out of town trip that included an arena sporting event and a private plane. Let me just say this: Private Planes are a pain in my ass.

• Babies are everywhere! Two weekends ago Erin/Mike and James/Stina each gave birth to their own new babies. Good times and dirty diapers to be had from here on out. Mozel Tovs all around and big welcome to little Lily and Jasper.

• This weekend Keri and I got down and dirty with some destructive home projects. We tore out our the nappy roofs from our back patio and car port. The bones of each structure still remain, but those will be dispatched soon enough. No doubt there will be much love for the East Side Bulky Trash drop off in the coming weeks (Red Thunder, I’m looking at you).

• There is a Native American (or something) philosophy about absorbing the power of your enemy by eating his heart. I apply this to poultry when butchering a rotisserie chicken. While chopping, I enjoy eating the innards. Mostly I find them tasty, but I often mumble something about eating the heart of my enemy. The other day, while I was mid-butcher (and mid-mumble), Keri giggled and asked me if the chicken was my enemy. HUMOR. If I ever write a book, that is so going to be its title.
My Enemy: The Chicken

Tuesday, March 2

Swear To God

Something reminded me of this Mr. Show segment today, and through the beauty of the internets I can share it with the world:

Monday, March 1

Stuff of Late

Blah, blah, busy. Blah, blah, neglected blog. Blah, blah, bullets! Hooray!

• Mr. Skunk - A few weeks back we were doing a little yard work when Keri yelped in surprise. It seems a skunk had wandered into the back and disrupted her limb lopping session. The poor guy was not having a good day, and while he wasn’t spraying his business, he wasn’t leaving when I yelled and/or threw decorative rocks at him. Keri called animal control and they amazingly arrived within the hour. As the surly guy went in back to ready his fire arm, the chatty fella explained that they’d take the body away with them unless Mr. Skunk “did the dirty” – then he'd be our problem.

iPad – Ah yes, the future has arrived. Again. And I want to NOT want it. But I DO want it. I want to rub my fingers all over its big touch screen. That does sound dirty, but I’m ok with that.

• Heart Breaker - We’re staffing up for a new project at work. The past few weeks have been a blur of meetings and hiring of a lot of folks. The flip side, of course, is I’ve had to not hire a lot of folks. Long ago I decided to not have emotions, so I’m free to break hearts and crush dreams all day long.

• Themed Menus - Lately there have been office-wide catered lunches every Friday. I’m vaguely involved in the ordering process, so we usually end up with excessive leftovers (“Better safe than F’d” – that’s what I say). We all stock up on some food before heading home, which leads to multi-meal themed menus all weekend long. So far we’ve enjoyed two types of Mexican, some Koo Koo Roo chicken, and a Mediterranean feast. Last week was BBQ, but Keri and I had to opt out after just one meal – two ribs each put us over the edge!

• More Moe - Friday I hit up Moe at the Nokia Theater. After overpaying for parking I had to wander around the Nokia/Staples complex to find the venue. I knew I was in the right place when the blazer/high heel crowed thinned and the sandals and dreadlocks began. I haven’t seen the boys in a few years and I felt a bit out of the loop when I didn’t know most of the songs in the first set. But the boys sounded great, and the Nokia has a sweet sound system, so really I couldn’t go wrong. I bailed after 1.5 sets, but by then I had gotten my boogie sufficiently on.

I suppose that's all for now. Perhaps I'll do this more regularly, and less bullet-like. Who's to say...

Tuesday, February 9

Two Quick Things

Thing 1:
Earlier today I emailed myself a link to a google map search I was doing so I could have easy iPhone access to that intel. Turns out I accidentally emailed it to my blogger email address and it went right up on the blog! Humor! Thanks to Jesse and Evan for giving me shit about it.

Thing 2:
Keri just IMed me a link to some fun/scary LA times picts of The Southland 'Getting Pounded by Storms.' I didn't have to scroll through many until I found my favorite:

Friday, January 22

Friday Bullets

• When I got back from my weekend abroad I made a harsher-than-normal discovery when cleaning the litter box. It seems one of the little bastards decided that when the litter box is full the tub is a fine alternative. And so one Peed. Right there in the tub. This is not nearly as funny as it sounds (and it doesn’t even sound very funny).

• Wednesday on my way to work there was a bit of Rain Induced Traffic. Eventually when I reached the cones and flares I saw the problem. There was a Lazy-Boy-Sized boulder sitting in the road … with a crumpled Blue Bumper beneath it.

• This week I noticed this dude hanging in the back of our office. He’s made out of recycled Mac Parts and I enjoy him.

Tuesday, January 19

Bay Visit

This weekend I took a trip up north for my first East Bay Adventure. I was based out of the sweet new Krudden Castle for the weekend, and between house projects and food/social outings we kept our selves pretty busy. We made sure to sample some of the restaurants in their new neighborhood, starting with a nearby sushi place. The food was tasty, but the highlight for me was being able to choose my own sake cup:

I also tried a nearby Latte Vendor, who’s beverages were both a tasty and good looking:

In addition to a killer brunch we had some deliciously spicy Indian food with Dan T, and Zaq had us over for breakfast. We were able to hang with his family, eat a delicious scramble and sip mimosas while taking in the insanely beautiful view out his window:

I was glad to get in some QT with the SF peeps and explore a new part of the Bay Area. I look forward to a repeat visit after Jimmy Junior arrives on the scene!

Tuesday, January 12

The F'ing Cats

My Neighbor feeds the local stray cats. There’s a bunch of them, and they love the vats of chicken and rice he puts out. Mostly they stay in his yard, but also enjoy our yard for napping and pooping. They like to do both in the shade, but definitely prefer pooping under our kitchen windows. And/or in every flower bed. We shoo them away, but they keep coming back.

We’re now starting to see a new generation of strays. The first leader was and old dude with one eye. We called him, um, Old One Eye. He would just stare at me while I yelled and threw shit at him, only leaving when he was good and ready. He’s moved on to the big litter box in the sky, but his younger doppelganger is around, and he seems to be the new King.

Last week Son Of One-Eye was lounging on the porch when Keri got home. A few nights later he was just sitting at the front door, meowing. I made ant-cat noises at him while he stared at me and meowed, eventually running away. A few days later he was back again, making a racket. I looked out the window to get a visual on my verbal target, and noticed he was not alone. He brought a friend over over and was having his way her right on our front lawn. Horny little bastard.

Stains on the porch indicated that this was not their first affair, so we called an organization of Volunteer Cat Weirdos. Ultimately they would trap, neuter and release the strays, but first we needed to confirm that our Neighbor does not own The Cats. This is less simple than one would expect. See, our Elderly Asian Neighbor only speaks his native language of (_______). He is very nice, and we wave and grunt greetings to each other, but the communication gap is large. Keri tried broaching the subject of Cat Owership on Saturday Morning. Words were spoken, and there was some pointing, but in the end everyone left confused. This discussion was re-ignited Saturday evening, this time it ending when we Neighbor Dude handed Keri a large bag of freshly picked lemons. Not quite the resolution we were hoping for, but the Journey continues…

Tuesday, January 5

Animation Test

Theoretically I want to screw around with some more stop-motion projects in the future. Keri got me some magnety goodness for Christmas and I last night I did a little test to try one out. Here's the result:

Magnet Man Beta from pvision on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 23

Pre-Holiday Stuff

I'm sure there are all sorts of blog-worthy items trapped in the half written posts on my desktop, but the computer is packed up for tomorrow's flight to Boston, so I'll just spew some stuff memory:

- Zeeker (the cat) gave Cailin (the baby) a quick and gentle lick/nibble the night they first met. It was funny and horrifying all at the same time.

- Go see Avatar. Seriously. So good. 3D Goodness. I think I'm going to try it again but go IMAX.

- Shout out to the Dalton Baby who recently arrived, and the Krudden Baby who continues to develop.

It seemed like I had more to say, but really that's all the iPhone typing I can handle. Happy Holidays and all that business.

Collini out.

Tuesday, December 15

Two Internet Items

Here's two little items from the Internets:

- Gawker has a decent Guide to Facebook Privacy. Seems the FB has been repeatedly revising their privacy/security settings. They're making them more customizable slash confusing, so hit this up if you want some tips on making sure your private business stays, um, private.

- Keri told me about this a long time ago, but today I finally started watching the Weeds University of Andy webisodes on the Showtime website. I find Andy hilarious, and if you do too then check these puppies out.

Friday, December 11

Blog Day Two, Electric Boogaloo

In late 2005, on the prowl for a creative outlet and inspired by Keri’s Blog, I started a blog of my own. One year later I "created" a holiday – Blog Day - a time to reflect and comment upon the year’s happenings. After that first Blog Day in 2006 laziness got the best of me. Each December 9th I would hit snooze on the iCal reminder that popped up, eventually blowing it off all together.

Since my last (slash first) Blog Day Post I have experienced many things. Most notable, of course, is that I am now a Married Man. Keri and I put a lot of time into planning our wedding, and everything turned out better than we hoped. And, I’m happy to report, Marriage really is Bliss. We’re at the beginning of an exciting new Life Chapter, and I’m eager to see where our path leads.

We also bought a house, which was exhilarating and scary all at the same time. I love home ownership, but there is always something that needs doing. And everything costs way more than I would have expected. But we found a house we like in a decent neighborhood, so we’re happy. We might not be there for the rest of our lives, but we’ll definitely be content for many years to come.

I have thankfully remained consistently employed. Work took me to Hawaii for three months, and back and forth to the OC on a fairly regular basis. I upgraded from an iBook to a MacBook, then again to a Macbook Pro. I discovered my love of making Time Lapse Videos and abandoned my Blackberry for my sweet sweet iPhone. And lets not forget all of the Live Music I've been able to see.

And now here we are, at the end of my fourth year as a blogger. It still holds a special place in my heart, but my zeal for posting has definitely waned. And I doubt I’ll ever match the volume of posts that I had that first year (235), but I suspect I’ll continue blogging for a long time. Oh blog, I heart you.

Thursday, December 10

A Cartoonist on Cyborgery

A while back Jimmy K suggested a book by Scott Adams. He's the guy who writes the Dilbert comics, but this was not a Dilbert book. In fact, I don't really even like Dilbert. Its fine, I suppose, but I never found it that entertaining. This book, however, made me cackle out loud a number of times, and inspired me to start following Scott's Blog. It is sometimes hilarious, sometimes less so, occasionally thought provoking and usually humorous. Plus he's a nerd, and often expounds about technology in the future, which I enjoy.

I found today's blog entry about our inevitable future as cyborgs particularly entertaining, and maybe you will too.