Tuesday, January 19

Bay Visit

This weekend I took a trip up north for my first East Bay Adventure. I was based out of the sweet new Krudden Castle for the weekend, and between house projects and food/social outings we kept our selves pretty busy. We made sure to sample some of the restaurants in their new neighborhood, starting with a nearby sushi place. The food was tasty, but the highlight for me was being able to choose my own sake cup:

I also tried a nearby Latte Vendor, who’s beverages were both a tasty and good looking:

In addition to a killer brunch we had some deliciously spicy Indian food with Dan T, and Zaq had us over for breakfast. We were able to hang with his family, eat a delicious scramble and sip mimosas while taking in the insanely beautiful view out his window:

I was glad to get in some QT with the SF peeps and explore a new part of the Bay Area. I look forward to a repeat visit after Jimmy Junior arrives on the scene!


Cristina said...

So great to have you up to visit dp. your help was invaluable and your company was awesome! Rock on.

general fuzz said...

your blogging velocity now eclipses mine. Good work.