Monday, March 1

Stuff of Late

Blah, blah, busy. Blah, blah, neglected blog. Blah, blah, bullets! Hooray!

• Mr. Skunk - A few weeks back we were doing a little yard work when Keri yelped in surprise. It seems a skunk had wandered into the back and disrupted her limb lopping session. The poor guy was not having a good day, and while he wasn’t spraying his business, he wasn’t leaving when I yelled and/or threw decorative rocks at him. Keri called animal control and they amazingly arrived within the hour. As the surly guy went in back to ready his fire arm, the chatty fella explained that they’d take the body away with them unless Mr. Skunk “did the dirty” – then he'd be our problem.

iPad – Ah yes, the future has arrived. Again. And I want to NOT want it. But I DO want it. I want to rub my fingers all over its big touch screen. That does sound dirty, but I’m ok with that.

• Heart Breaker - We’re staffing up for a new project at work. The past few weeks have been a blur of meetings and hiring of a lot of folks. The flip side, of course, is I’ve had to not hire a lot of folks. Long ago I decided to not have emotions, so I’m free to break hearts and crush dreams all day long.

• Themed Menus - Lately there have been office-wide catered lunches every Friday. I’m vaguely involved in the ordering process, so we usually end up with excessive leftovers (“Better safe than F’d” – that’s what I say). We all stock up on some food before heading home, which leads to multi-meal themed menus all weekend long. So far we’ve enjoyed two types of Mexican, some Koo Koo Roo chicken, and a Mediterranean feast. Last week was BBQ, but Keri and I had to opt out after just one meal – two ribs each put us over the edge!

• More Moe - Friday I hit up Moe at the Nokia Theater. After overpaying for parking I had to wander around the Nokia/Staples complex to find the venue. I knew I was in the right place when the blazer/high heel crowed thinned and the sandals and dreadlocks began. I haven’t seen the boys in a few years and I felt a bit out of the loop when I didn’t know most of the songs in the first set. But the boys sounded great, and the Nokia has a sweet sound system, so really I couldn’t go wrong. I bailed after 1.5 sets, but by then I had gotten my boogie sufficiently on.

I suppose that's all for now. Perhaps I'll do this more regularly, and less bullet-like. Who's to say...


Spano said...

DUDE - you mention the skunk is your problem if it "does the dirty" and didn't tell us the outcome!!!

PVision said...

Ha! I was trying to keep it brief. Duder did not spray his business. In fact, we went inside the bullets and the spray and after like 10 minutes still didn't hear anything. I went outside to check it out and the Animal Dudes and Skunk Carcass were all MIA. Apparently they were successful.